Julian S.
Jan 20, 11:55 PM
This is a large, well lit, busy, and clean gas station. In the travel center there is a large selection of snacks and drinks, as well as a subway and...
Jan 5, 3:14 PM
some spots
Brandon F.
Nov 24, 2:53 PM
Absolutely deplorable...this pilot travel center was in terrible sanitary condition both within the convenient store and with their facilities. This place...
Jul 21, 6:03 AM
It's a pilot, they got it all. Guy behind the counter was pretty cool to. No complaints really.
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Wolven Bane
Jul 5, 7:13 PM
It's a gas station. What's there to rate? It may expectations... service is a bit slow but friendly enough. Nothing unique or interesting to guarantee loyalty.
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Jennifer Dupree
Jul 5, 7:54 AM
We travel all over the US which is job related...we seek Pilots when we are needing to stop and get some snacks, coffee to wake up, a bathroom break etc. Reason we only stop at Pilots..... restrooms are ALWAYS clean...store is well stocked with any and all eats and drinks and they ALWAYS actually have really cute shirts and hats!!! Employees are always well trained, and fast checking you out and friendly which is rare for most individuals working in convenient stores.
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Stacy Tolver
Jul 4, 3:17 PM
And some nice place bathroom for very clean and it'll eat when I visited here plenty of options for travelers as far as food snacks and drinks there was also a Subway located inside if you wanted to get something more really enjoyed the service it was quick and friendly
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Corry Williams
Jun 23, 5:35 PM
Is going to be crowded due to the truckers have to take a rest stop because. D.O.T. is telling them to rest between breaks between the runs . IN all you are going to get some of the best service ever in Midway at the Flying J pilot rest stop and gas. They have a Subway in there that has some of the best customer service people you will ever come across and the food is always fresh always hot
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Bradley C.
Sep 30, 6:05 PM
Stopped into this gas station and bought $16 worth of gas. They charged my credit card $16.00 and $151.00. What a rip off! Beware. it's a good thing I kept...