Allena Munoz
Mar 19, 2:32 AM
I love seeing history and being able to walk out to it and see the rock and where everybody wrote their names. It was really cool. Only sad part was that others have tried to mess it up.
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Marcia Curtis
Mar 16, 1:21 PM
Meet nice people stopping in. Young man does cleaning, best have seen there. Nice half way point. Haven't climbed rock a little old for that but many have, say they enjoy the trip.
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Aug 3, 7:08 PM
Please rename it, "Independence rock rest erea". Such an important place in American history. Advertise it a bit more.
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Trevor Blaze
Jul 30, 1:44 AM
This place was so cool. I will definitely explore more next time. My kids and dog had no trouble climbing up the leading slope of the 'rock' and down the far side. It was crazy windy up there, so watch your hats!
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Fellow Trucker
Jan 20, 10:01 PM
many spots
Martha Sewell
Aug 14, 2:45 AM
Breathtaking beauty. Historic site. Must visit! There is shade, water, restrooms, hiking trails, etc. It is a very large area; the rock covers over 91 acres. The hike is challenging in the heat. We surprised a pronghorn, and he startled us, too. A bit of a comical standoff, all parties eased away from each other. Watch for rattlesnakes, we've come upon them here, too.
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