Bryan Clark
Jul 18, 1:37 PM
Nice grounds with lots of picnic tables. Restrooms were needing cleaning and possible updates. They had soda machines on site.
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Chris Bertomeu
Jun 20, 1:23 AM
Clean and pet friendly. Usually some group there fundraising, so coffee is almost always an option.
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Matthew Weller
Jun 7, 3:59 AM
Who likes rest areas anyway. I just go pee then I run away forever.
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Matha Goram
May 13, 5:24 PM
Surprised by the facilities (e.g. free coffee and cookie) that are good for a pit -stop.
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tTari Ann
Mar 18, 6:57 PM
The bathroom was clean & all the snow had been plowed/sanded providing easy & safe entry.
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