AMBEST Fuel Stop

Christiano Ronaldo
Jun 5, 2:00 AM
Good price!
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Kodi Lawson
Mar 26, 10:19 PM
Don't call yourself a truck stop if you have two spots and have to drive 80,000 lbs 10 miles down a sketchy loop to bypass. I thought this was a mom and pop truck stop with some good eating and at least 10 spots... I was sorely mistaken and could've payed my life for it driving that loop. That sign on the interstate needs to be removed. I'd rather stop on the shoulder and eat ravioli
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Julie Breeze
Dec 25, 3:02 PM
Very nice worker on Christmas day 2018! She just cleaned the bathrooms (outside), no key needed, heated bathroom and a place to let the pup do his business too! It was a quick stop but I was so pleased that i felt I must let others know!
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Dennis Rich
Oct 20, 1:58 AM
Not a truck stop, barely big enough to maneuver in.
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G l
Aug 6, 11:33 PM
This is just a seasonal local gas station with two diesel pumps on the side. I wouldn't go out of your way expecting an actual truckstops.
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Erica Smith
Mar 8, 1:58 PM
I was with the PA National Guard during the march 2018 snow storm. The owner gave us everything in the store we wanted for free. She is a very nice person and even though we tried to pay she wouldn't accept it. Very good people work and own here.
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Nick Conde
Oct 1, 7:09 PM
Had cheap gas along the highway, just what we needed.
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Michael F
Sep 6, 8:58 PM
Surprisingly busy place for a rural area, but it is right off the Interstate and has a small truck fueling area and lot. It was also Labor Day weekend. Fuel was expensive, but again holiday weekend and right after hurricane Harvey. Can't pay at the diesel pumps so you have to go inside and leave a credit card with the attendant, which I hate doing. Small store, not really a convenience store per se, more like an old school gas station. Male and female restrooms on the outside of the building, male restroom was out of order.
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Rachael Reif
Jan 21, 5:25 PM
I called and the woman on the phone didn't know if they had DEF fluid. Sounds like a great place to stop ...
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Russ Dawson
Mar 29, 10:23 PM
This little run down shop sells expired food! The shelves are full of stuff that expired months and sometimes YEARS AGO! That's horrible! When you go to check out the stuff is priced two times anywhere else, you have to deal with the RUDE cashier, and then its expired as well! SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN! SOMEONE INVESTIGATE!
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