Julie B.
Sep 16, 12:14 PM
Nice store, clean ladies restroom l. There's lots of options, have hotdogs, pizza. and a Subway inside too. Got the Subway Club double meat, sandwich was...
TK Rowan
Jul 6, 3:00 AM
Do not go here! The bathroom was the most foul smelling thing I have ever set foot in and I've been in some sketchy places. Everything was dirty and dingy and I stepped in a human turd that was on the floor. It took everything I had not too loose my mind.
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Daniel Nichols
Jul 3, 4:19 PM
We stopped here for the Subway and the bathrooms. The service was terrible. The food was unsafe. The bread was doughy and undercooked. The meatballs were raw inside. The sandwich makers dripped streams of sweat off of their noses onto the sandwiches. The bathrooms only had a bar of soap covered in people’s hair. Everything was grimey. Never stop here.
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sean Grall
Jun 30, 6:25 PM
Don't step on an AIDS needle this place is a pit not family friendly or friendly for anyone else for that matter. Low life garbage.
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Mike Watt
Mar 31, 10:26 AM
3/31/18 5:30am very helpful employee made me a pizza and he was in a good mood. Give that guy a raise.
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Carnell G.
Mar 19, 6:35 AM
Store #6674 doesn't want to give me a simple receipt for my diesel fuel purchases. Every day there is some long delay or new step i have to do that no one...
debi Richardson
Jan 27, 12:39 PM
Dirty bathrooms, no soap (guess employees don't wash hands) unfriendly... no showers... We were forced to stay as out of drive time... enter at your own risk
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Stacy. J.
Nov 5, 11:04 AM
This is what I call the delux speedway of all the speedways in the area, and is fairly large for a gas station. I feel like I'm in a grocery store when I'm...
Fellow Trucker
Aug 30, 11:54 PM
lots of spots