Nick Weaver
Jul 20, 12:04 PM
Staff was friendly, but the cheeseburger I bought this morning (I don’t eat eggs) was completely soaked, bun and all. I don’t believe it was even edible. Wasted a few dollars there! I suggest you don’t cook the two foods together or don’t cook frozen foods in a sealed package, but what do I know?
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Steve Clark
Jun 7, 10:50 PM
Its 1900 here and still plenty of parking. Friendly place and sale beer and wine
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Arron Tilley
Feb 14, 10:11 PM
Stop here few times a week for lunch
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Brian Banks
Dec 11, 12:05 PM
Only stop in store for scratch offs. They do have car wash, but not much of anything else.
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Jed Fuller
Feb 14, 1:55 PM
The service people are great here! They are very friendly! The facility it's self is old, cramped and the bathrooms are not very clean. It does have a subway and is a Circle K so has cheep soda.
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Francis F.
Dec 13, 10:36 PM
Definitely a place to get some cheap gas and mini mart convenience store has many food and drink options. Restrooms were clean
Nicole S.
Jul 28, 12:14 PM
Yep, there's fuel here! This is kind of an older gas station, but it serves its purpose: a place to gas up your vehicle, put air in the tires, wipe your...
Douglas Hill
Jan 22, 1:45 PM
The Shell gas station, I bought a full tank of gas and when I pulled out it completely made my engine sputter out and quit completely. Had to have it towed to a nearby mechanics shop and after checking everything possible they finally took my advice and emptied the fuel tank and lines and put new gas in and low and behold the car miraculously starts. so $600 later my car is working again. Also when my car originally sputter out after getting gas; a cop came to my aid since I was right off the interstate, and he called the tow truck for me. Anyways the police officer mentioned that there was 6 or 7 other vehicles that had just gotten gas from this station and had the exact same thing happen, so he took my name and phone number and license number, and date and time, due to a definate court case that was going to be taken against the station. So if you are smart I wouldn't ever get gas from this Shell gas station in 6416 State Highway 334 Whitestown, IN 46075.
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