ernest ernest
Jun 21, 9:30 AM
Very good people work here
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Jimmi Zee
Jun 15, 7:24 AM
Very friendly staff. Cheapest gas prices in the area. But very small with only a small convenience store. Only thing that makes it a truck stop is the parking and fuel pumps.
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Odin Bules
May 31, 12:27 AM
Love the Cash discount! People there very NICE!
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Raiders & Outlaws Trucking
Apr 7, 4:28 PM
Not very fancy but can find truck parking anytime thru the night
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Fellow Trucker
Jan 10, 1:54 AM
Small store
lots of spots
Earnest Anderson
Dec 2, 8:37 AM
Very nice place for truckers! Plenty room to park for the night. Shower, good coffee, excellent staff, cash discount on fuel.
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