Walmart Supercenter

James Chadwell
Oct 13, 10:49 PM
Great selection, yet nearly impossible to find anyone for customer service. 12 check out lanes, yet only one was open. There were 15 families waiting in the self check out area. I decided to take my business elsewhere.
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Kimberly Minks
Aug 28, 3:28 AM
Employees are friendly and helpful. This store doesn't have near the selection or variety that the stores in nearby towns have. They also changed recently from 24 hours to closing at 1 am and opening at 6. The store, restrooms and changing rooms are usually pretty clean.
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MotherMetalhead .
Aug 19, 1:49 AM
I wouldn't recommend our Walmart if you're looking for anything modern. Might as well go to Plymouth. The staff are friendly enough but we are in SERIOUS need of an upgrade. Hell the store does close earlier now from what I've heard. Could use that time to make some positive changes.
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Aug 3, 6:02 PM
Was just in to pickup a few items, $150.00 later...lines were quick though despite the high volume. Good job Walmart!!
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Erik Mcvay
Jun 29, 11:34 PM
Like 10 self checkouts. 1 register plus speedy checkout. Had to bag 350 checkout and bag 350 worth of groceries and place then on floor until I was done. Then had the nerve to check my receipt. Do not go here for a lot of items
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