lady bluebell
May 31, 10:41 PM
lots of spots
Robert Marshfield
Mar 28, 12:34 PM
Whoever designed this place didn’t put enough toilets in the men’s room for the volume of traffic coming through here.
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goodrich g
Mar 11, 3:42 PM
The kitchen girl dropped a burger in the floor and put it in the heated showcase.... Nice.
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Paul Winsett
Feb 18, 3:06 PM
Broke down here an left the truck there for 7 days an they where OK with it .
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RMD 1986
Dec 17, 11:44 PM
Nice travel plaza. Its new and clean
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Joanna Renee Watson
Nov 6, 3:52 PM
Stay away from Ladson Grill. The food is nasty. We found what looked like a brissel from a brush in the hash browns, which tasted like plastic. The sandwiches are dry and mostly bread. Hardly any egg or meat and no cheese. People behind the counter were staring at us. I just hope we don't get sick from what little we did eat
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Fellow Trucker
Oct 31, 12:29 PM
Parking lot is clearing out
lots of spots
Jamie Hoover
Sep 20, 12:46 PM
Clean facilities, large pull through capable for trailers, and not bad hot breakfast food either.
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Leonard Harootunian
Jul 26, 6:30 PM
Great place nice staff very nice remodel large parking and good food
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Jul 15, 12:49 AM
Smaller than the old plaza, but it does look nice and I always hear good remarks in relation to the food served. Also, the banana flavored Icee is great!
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David Hamel
Jul 7, 11:39 AM
The only reason this service area gets one star is because it's not a smoking hole in the ground like half of Indiana's other stops. The new layout is horrible; the restrooms are smaller than the old plaza, forcing lines (the women's room in particular; because the service plaza has been basically replaced with a convenience store, the line now blocks the coolers.) There's no longer a separate attendant for the gas station, either, so cash buyers are forced to walk into the store to pre-pay, which slows up the line both in the store and at the pumps. The biggest problem? The place is FILTHY. The outdoor area is covered in litter, trash cans were overflowing, and the bathrooms were nasty. It's a brand new place and it already looks 20 years old. My best advice, if you're traveling on 80/90, would be to stop in Illinois or Ohio and just power on through Indiana.
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Ariel R
Jun 29, 8:07 PM
Renovated location looks great. Lots of cigarette butts and trash in outside area. There are 4 people inside the cashiers circle and 3 behind the kitchen area and this place is dirty. I understand this can't be blamed on the employees but on the high traffic it receives. This location sells diesel and CAT scales but not alcohol which is a welcomed sight. Fresh salads and sandwiches are fully stocked and look delicious. There is outside seating as well. There is a ATM on site. Deli closes at 10pm and the store is open 24/7.
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Joe Medina
Apr 24, 2:07 AM
lots of spots