Jon H.
Mar 30, 3:31 PM
Food selection was well picked over and when I made my way to the registers, I found out why... Apparently an employee went on an extended break so the...
Carla Gonzalez
Jul 18, 7:47 PM
love this Pilot! The staff are very nice and helpful and work very hard to make sure it is running smoothly and is kept very clean! And my favorite thing about this pilot is the crushed ice!!!
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Tameeka Rogers
Jun 28, 7:11 AM
I was at this pilot tonight and I was very disappointed! The staff was absolutely rude and the woman cleaning showers was barefoot , ignores you when you ask for towels , The restroom was not clean . I spend alot of money at every pilot across this country and I have never been to one like this it is unbelievable I will never shop nor stop here again especially because the ignorance of the staff! They do not even deserve one star
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Elkins Dahle
Jun 23, 6:27 PM
Nice Pilot. Used to have little baskets in the showers with your towels in them and a water and some mints. All that's gone now. It was a nice personal touch that showed they cared about us drivers. Bathrooms are very dirty.
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Meghan Bengtson
Jun 3, 8:08 PM
They have amazing pizza & the service is usually pretty good. But I do have to admit, you will see a few druggies walking around or falling asleep on the benches. Always lock your car. 😐
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Tyler Jabas
May 27, 5:44 AM
Tbh this place doesn't look scary, but it is. Never honestly send your kids in alone. It's a sketchy place. One time I went in there and some guy tried to make small talk but it wasn't normal. I hope you understand what I mean. They have good pizza though.
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Fellow Trucker
May 12, 3:37 AM
lot is full
Shawn D.
Dec 31, 9:59 AM
I stop here once a week and every time I go to checkout there is only one checkout till open and either 2 or 3 people standing behind the counter... I...