Fellow Trucker
Aug 2, 10:50 PM
lot is full
Keith Laseter
Jul 15, 5:44 PM
Great staff. Goes out of their way to help you. Definitely one of the best pilot stores
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Rhonda Miller
Jul 3, 4:36 PM
Can always count on fresh hot coffee at this place! People are nice, and helpful. Need more signs on the highway though for travelers who don't know it's there! We stop here often, so we know the place.
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Jun 12, 7:56 PM
some spots
Mirko Obradovic
May 30, 11:50 PM
Sales girl didn't charged me for a Coca cola. Later I found out, my colleague was not charged full price either. Rain pouring. On the parking lot tipicaly dressed Caucasian farmer/mountain man, pouring oil in his aged Ford truck. Fixed blade on belt. Man with a bad back is in charge for garbage disposal. He is frendly greeted by female employee on a cigarette break and , when I was leaving , he looked at me somehow strange! Couple of minutes later, with downpour hitting the windshield, I just took a glimpse of a Sheriff's truck next to the road. Yes, I have watched a lot of " Wrong turn" type of movies! 😁 Clean toilets, friendly service, no sadistic killers ( at least in our case)! I'm a satisfied customer!
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JP Aus
May 20, 11:19 PM
It's a small Pilot, has limited parking. And the store is not real big. Was a little disappointed in no one welcomed me when I entered. There was an employee sitting just in a back room looking out and talking to someone out of sight. Guess the conversation was to good for her to do her job. But the store was clean and stocked. Just miss the welcome, guess the other Pilots just spoiled me.
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Mauricio R.
Apr 30, 10:48 PM
Some of the best coffee on the road. The bathrooms are well kept and there is plenty of things to buy/eat. I always search for a Pilot stop when I'm on the...
Mar 27, 8:17 PM
Very nice area and environment! This was the second time I've met up with my trucker boyfriend at this location. The staff was very friendly, the store and bathroom clean, easy to move thru, great food, snacks and condiments, coffee! LUV the Subway! Everything was accommodating! Thanks Pilot!
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Carmen S.
Nov 5, 10:06 AM
I've slept at Pilots across the country, but this was smaller than the ones I prefer. It seemed safe enough, though the parking lot is a bit dark. There...
Fellow Trucker
Jul 20, 9:35 PM
lot is full
Matthew T.
Jul 3, 1:55 PM
Pilot stations are the best! Gas at the best prices, clean restrooms, and they usually have a restaurant inside. There's a Subway in this one. Yum!