Fellow Trucker
Jul 15, 1:11 AM
many spots
Mehry Martaín
Jun 14, 2:54 AM
I give the rest area 5 stars but the vending machines ZERO. They tried to charge more than what I had spent on the two beverages that I purchased there. BEWARE of scammers stealing your credit and debit card info and your money.
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James Hayter
Dec 12, 2:45 AM
Immaculate rest area. Everything was delightful and clean enough to eat off of. So I had a picnic in the washroom. The other users didn't approve until I shared the cucumber sandwiches I prepared. Overall, it was a wonderful and authentic rest experience. Would rest again.
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Steve Schmorleitz
Jun 5, 4:05 PM
Very modern facility with handicap restrooms. A small pet area is well maintained. There are a variety of beverage vending machines. Several picnic tables are available. There is a substantial amount of information about the area and the area's history.
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Dennis Joy
Apr 22, 9:16 PM
I've never written a review on a rest stop before but felt compelled to do so after stopping at the Shandon Rest Area this past weekend. We use Highway 41/46 to travel between Northern California and the Central Coast on a semi-regular basis. The facilities are clean, modern and designed well. If you happen to be passing through at the right time of year you will see views of rolling green grass hills framed by blooming poppies. Captures what I remember California being when I was a kid.
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Cassandra Hibbs
Mar 30, 10:27 PM
Bizarrely nice rest area. The bathrooms were huge and very clean and had surprisingly nice design. The water fountains worked, the parking was ample, and there was very general information signs about the area. There was also a somewhat disturbing memorial to James Dean, describing all of the gruesome details of his death seemingly for no good reason.
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Fellow Trucker
Jun 28, 8:36 AM
no spots
Jun 5, 2:21 PM
few spots
Fellow Trucker
May 26, 5:04 PM
dot inspections