Fellow Trucker
Jul 3, 6:13 AM
some spots
Sir Charles
Jul 10, 5:54 PM
One Driver to another. The night shift is very helpful nice and over worked. Like all pilots they are understaff. However, they keep up with the demand.Hot coffee anyone?
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Jul 8, 6:29 PM
Very dissapointed in this place....I am a truck driver and have visited many truck stops across this great Nation. One thing a truck driver really looks forward to is a nice, CLEAN, hot shower. Don't expect to find a clean shower here. Very poor cleanliness or lack there of! Don't understand why truckstops in general feel the need to take advantage of drivers? This particular Pilot is very expensive! And if your hungry after 10pm, forget getting anything HOT to eat! Perhaps it's because there is no competition near by and it's in the oilfield area. Still NO reason to price gouge! 80% of the truck driver business here comes from Steven's Tanker Div. And yet they charge us almost $2.00 for a coffee refill? Come on Pilot how about showing a little appreciation for the drivers who give you the most business? I sure hope Love's builds a truckstop near by...then maybe yall might treat your customers a little better? Smh
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Allen Fuentes
Jul 6, 2:14 AM
Nice staff don't have to wait long for shower but if u go grave yard mite not have food at hand
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gary samuels
Jun 30, 5:49 PM
This place needs alot. Washing machine broke for 2 months. Takes 30 mins to 2hrs get a shower. Has electrical problems. Tv don't work
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Junior Anderson
Jun 3, 4:19 AM
At first i wasn't going to post this review until I started to read all the other experiences. It's been a little over a month since the last time I stopped here and that visit was good. But this time around was a completely different story. The fuel Island had one pump that was not working. However it did have soapy water to clean the windshield. The bathroom was not stocked and there was no fresh coffee in any of the dispensers and the pizzas didn't look fresh either The customer service was poor Such a completely different experience compared to all the previous visits since this location opened I'm wondering what happened? The coffee was good
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Debbie S.
Sep 11, 10:08 AM
Nice station. The store offers a large variety of food, snacks and drinks. The restrooms were clean and in good order. There are also showers available if...
Jul 9, 2:43 AM
Great showers. Nice clean truck stop.
lots of spots
Alex S.
May 29, 7:10 AM
New location, kept pretty clean for the most part. Plenty of parking for big rigs and it's in a really quiet location. However, this place just lost major...