Steven K.
Feb 22, 10:01 AM
Just FYI people - ADVISORY: Alexander Hamilton Service Area on the Eastern Spur of the Turnpike to close for construction, new facility due to open by...
Jessica N.
Nov 18, 9:34 AM
Holy hell. Is this where people go to die ? Actually, I think this rest stop was inspiration for the DMV sloth scene in Zootopia. Ok, who loves a rest...
Matthew U.
Oct 10, 3:51 PM
To answer the question as to why is there a page for a rest stop, it's a business, most businesses deserve the equal right to be reviewed. If you are like...
mohammed islam
Jul 21, 9:04 PM
Full service just show ,not put gas,
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David Botwin
Jul 1, 5:26 PM
Average Truck stop
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Kelli Campbell
Jun 15, 10:58 PM
Dirtiest place I've been in, in the US.
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Lisa Martin
Jun 7, 9:38 PM
They need to let truckers idle there trucks it's hot weather
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patricia bustamante
May 31, 7:13 PM
Super slow, staff is rude. Attendant didn’t screw my cap on ... IDIOTS!!
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May 5, 10:18 PM
If your heading south toward the Jersey shore or coming out of the Lincoln tunnel this place is to stop. They have Clean bathrooms a Roy Rogers, Nathan's, and a Starbucks.
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Kate Masschelein
Apr 4, 10:48 AM
Very slow service at least 15 mins before you can drive off
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Mar 10, 7:56 AM
This mofo dont know what they doing. Bunch of chickens with no heads running around.
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Paul M
Sep 19, 1:23 PM
No issues. Pulled right up an was attended to promptly. Pumps are slow for a Turnpike station. I can see this as being the reason for long lines.
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Fellow Trucker
Apr 7, 12:31 PM
some spots