Fellow Trucker
Jan 30, 1:00 PM
some spots
Steve Carlson
Jul 5, 12:35 PM
Its a Flying J - they have gas, Trucks, truckers and snacks. In store they also have a mix of strange stuff. enjoy.
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Todd Jamieson
Jul 5, 12:16 AM
A great place to stay I'm here every night through the week I'm treated excellent love the staff and there kindness
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Ronald Doyle
Jun 6, 4:22 PM
Busy busy place. Great pizza. Service with a smile
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Jun 5, 3:22 PM
Decent place for fuel. Not a decent place for overnight parking. Several spots are pay per use. Looks like they cater to local truck drivers needing a place to leave their trucks overnight or days on end. Mostly those red car haulers! I used to frequent this location several times a week. Now it is only a handful of times a year mostly because of the parking situation. You'd think they'd want to cater to the people that are going to spend money. As for the pay per use parking spots, it should be none or all. How ridiculous
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Isaac Letkeman
May 24, 10:15 AM
Clean, brightly lit. Stopped in for gas and a bite. Hot food under a glass was good, for being food under glass. Great staff
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