Walmart Supercenter

Kadee Writes
Oct 16, 3:30 PM
So, since I have to check my own stuff out now am I going to get the employee discount, too? Maybe that would be worth it... Before the new changes with the cash registers I would have rated this Wal-Mart a 3.5 - 4 star. It's generally clean and fairly well stocked. I like how they group the clearance items together where possible. Unfortunately, they can't keep staff, which tells you a lot about the management. That seems to be the impetus for the new line of shiny "check-your-dang-self-out" kiosks they've replaced most of the traditional cash registers with. I'm all for doing it myself when I only have a few items, it beats waiting in line behind 5 people with fully loaded carts when I only want to buy a couple things. But I want a REAL cashier about 50% of the time. Wal-Mart may have pretty good prices, but they're not beating the internet, and they're not beating Aldi, and it's not worth it to me to come in and feel like I'm being put to work to buy my own groceries, or when I leave having my receipt scanned like I'm some criminal. I like discounts, and I like clearance, but I don't like being treated like an employee when I'm shopping.
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J.C. Starkey
Sep 8, 12:14 AM
It's gotten a lot better recently. They seem to have more staff now than they used to. I still don't recommend going there late.
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Carol Rainwater
Sep 4, 5:38 AM
Wal-Mart truly makes enough to hire more cashiers or assign more to registers! Furthermore, use your third shift staff to put things away. No need to clutter asiles during the day.
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David Wilson
Aug 21, 6:14 PM
This was the first time we've ever used their pharmacy. Very thorough and Mitchell (pharmacy tech) is a Customer service Superstar. Well done.
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Mary King
May 26, 11:26 PM
The new self checkout makes it easy to get out faster. They still have cashiers also. I buy many things except l don't usually purchase meats there.
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