AMBEST Fuel Stop

Logan Holloway
Dec 10, 6:12 AM
Normally the staff is really nice but one night I went in there to get something to drink. It was like 11 at night, I was the only customer and there were 2 workers, an older female and an older male. Kept making weird comments about my perfume and wouldn’t leave me alone. I kindly ignored their comments but they kept making more. Really uncomfortable experience
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Linda Graf
Apr 2, 6:48 PM
Dont go usually go to caseys.Today my daughter went in to prepay $10 , the pump went over the amount. Went in to see what happened , not upset yet but when she was telling the young girl working what happened, the manager started to yell at the young cashier , and yelling at her across the store with other customers listening told her if you have another drive off your fired, making the girl cry. Very unprofessional, the girl told my daughter that she would pay for the extra gas . Was nice but my daughter , went and got more cash and paid her back. The girl was new, the manager was the problem!!!! No excuse to treat your employees like that. Also their little Caesar's is a joke!
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Oct 15, 1:25 PM
Monica always makes sure the store is well-organised and the staff is always polite and reaponsive. The Jalepeno Breakfast burritos are a favorite of mine and they are ALWAYS AMAZING!!! Thank you for starting my morning right Holdrege pump and pantry!
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Jason koepke
Aug 9, 10:49 PM
Always slow and this last time it was very dirty. I go out of my way to NOT go there.
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Linda Rogers
Dec 16, 9:06 PM
A little more expensive than some other convenience store's in town.
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