Juanita Marroquin
Mar 21, 10:52 PM
Shake machine not working. Got my taco order wrong.
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Feb 23, 4:11 PM
Love their Lorado Taco Company and if you've never tried the food you are missing a really good meal.
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zachary lemp
Jan 11, 3:51 PM
Hard to do business in a store with employees who refused to speak or even attempt to understand English in a business that is in America.
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Michael Blackmon
Nov 16, 8:30 PM
Dirtiest chain of convenience stores i have ever visited. Coffee is never fresh, that is if they have any at all. USED toilet paper (ALWAYS) all over the floors of the restrooms. Did I mention the USED TOILET PAPER? NASTY!
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Maide Guerrero
Apr 1, 5:19 PM
We were at the store on Saturday April 1, 2017 around 10:10 A.M. The cashier told us she was out of plastic bags. If we wanted a bag we would need to purchase a reusable bag, she didn't offer to put the chicken leg we purchased in a bag they use to put the tacos in, I guess she wanted us to carry it out like the customer that paid before us. You should never send your customers with their purchased food uncovered, it's not sanitary.
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