dee dixon
Jul 7, 7:50 PM
Great views of the Snake River, lots of space.
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Rakesh Kumar
May 19, 4:23 AM
Beautiful place, nice scenic views, very big park and the park is very clean, must visit place if it's on your way.
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Dr. King
Feb 7, 6:17 AM
Always very clean, with beautiful views overlooking the Snake River. We got some good pics of a Bald Eagle sitting in a nearby tree. We are always so grateful for this stop, as we leave Jackson Hole in the morning with coffee, and this is the perfect spot for the timing of needing a restroom!
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Jason Walleser
Dec 11, 12:54 PM
How could one love a rest stop? The facilities are well maintained, but I expect that. It's the view outside that I find to be one of the best for when you have to go.
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Val Yu
Sep 4, 6:24 PM
We visited here on Aug. 21, 2017, yes, for the Solar Eclipse! Wonderful place, beautiful scenery! We found this place just the night before eclipse, and we knew it would be perfect. If we found it earlier we might camp one night here. Yes, you can camping, there is large area of grassland. The only imperfect thing was the drinking water didn't work on that day. Anyway, our experience here is perfect. Thanks for building a rest area here. Thanks Google Map!
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