Dmytro I.
Mar 29, 8:06 AM
I am eating here from time to time! I love the atmosphere and a humor that in this place! Love it!
Sonya B.
Mar 4, 11:15 AM
We stopped in on our way through town. The chicken fried steak was the special so I tried it. It was just average, but came with salad, corn, mashed...
Fellow Trucker
Aug 22, 8:55 PM
lots of spots
Aoibheann M.
Jun 2, 12:01 PM
so tasty! Don't expect anything gourmet, it's a old country restaurant that gets the job done! The service was great and so was the food. Big portions that...
Fellow Trucker
Apr 10, 3:36 AM
some spots
Fellow Trucker
Aug 8, 3:08 AM
lots of spots
Fellow Trucker
Feb 4, 5:03 PM
lots of spots
Michael Lasco
Jul 30, 12:08 AM
Truck parking in the middle of nowhere
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Chris H.
Jun 16, 2:21 PM
Prepay gas pumps but they don't state that on the fuel pumps and only have a small sticker on the pump.
Karyn C.
Jan 20, 11:12 AM
Stayed in Liberal KANSAS September 11, 2013 (YES THAT DATE) to September 18, 2013! Went into a gas station store one morning buy three sandwiches! Ask the...
Mimi J.
Jul 11, 12:07 PM
While on a lengthy road trip from Phoenix, AZ to Illinois, we hit Liberal, Kansas well after dark, in a downpour, about a half hour after our headlights...