Gokulnadh Naduvilakandy
Sep 19, 3:48 PM
good rest area, easy access from road, clean most of the times.
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Jessica Beauchamp
Sep 8, 1:01 PM
Bathrooms were clean, beach was nice. We let our dogs out to run around. Also met a really nice couple walking down by the water. Great place to stop and rest.
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Michelle M
Sep 8, 12:44 AM
Nice stop. Clean restrooms. Access to Lake Michigan
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richard engstrom
Sep 6, 9:52 PM
Nice area. Decent rest rooms. Nice view of lake. Worth stopping here.
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Shivo hum
Sep 1, 9:56 PM
There is no entry and exit ramp. Accident easy to happen. Be careful slow down.
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Heather Lopez
Aug 17, 12:02 PM
Beautiful stopped at rest area and you can walk down to Lake Michigan before getting back into the car. It makes traveling perfect
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Nate Terpstra
Aug 11, 5:41 PM
Very good place to stop and rest. Clean facilities, and a wonderful view of the lake. A great place to stop and rest overall much better than many other rest stops I’ve visited.
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Shayy Holston
Aug 4, 3:24 AM
Great rest stop! Love the design and location right next to the beach! Found a weird looking bee on the ground so watch out if you're allergic but this was the only one I saw while I was there.
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John Wadsworth
Jul 5, 3:33 AM
Really cool spot, not sure how I didn't grab a picture... picnic table on the lookout point "deck with binocular & stairway to beach" 5 miles of sand dunes west of it to
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Donna Reynolds
May 11, 9:39 PM
Nicest rest area ever! Real bathrooms with powerful hand dryers. Handicap accessible. Looks like a mini log house. Nice viewing area with walkout to the beach.
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Fellow Trucker
Sep 26, 11:09 AM
no police
lots of spots