Walmart Supercenter

billy camp
Jun 18, 7:09 PM
The technician that helped me today was so friendly. Although my wait time was longer than normal, the technician did a great job communicating the reason for the increased wait time to me, and I was more than happy to patiently wait. The tech thanked me for my business after checking me out. Thank you!
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Cindy Long Grayson
Jun 9, 5:26 AM
Great Value products are just as good as the name brands, the savings is usually at least 40% less than than other stores, if I'm not happy with something they credit my card pretty quickly, if they're out of the product they substitute it a higher priced item but charges you the cheaper price and best of all I never have to go in anymore! I just order online & pick everything up!
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Stacey Vaughn
Jun 5, 12:24 AM
Every time in go in to Walmart, there is 1 cashier working and the self checkout is open. There is always long lines. There is no reason that there shouldn't be more registers open, so that people can get in and get out quickly
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Kathy Byrne
May 28, 7:45 PM
Was very nice found what I needed except the pool I wantted. Very nice and helpful employees..
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Deanna Clutter
Mar 16, 3:14 PM
Convenient. Lots of cute Easter stuff!
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