Walmart Supercenter

B Walters
Oct 12, 4:53 AM
Not a single price checker. Fitting room attendants are not particularly thrilled to price check for you even though that’s where you’re directed to go. And the app is of practically no use (the employees agree). The majority of clearance will come up as “item not found”. Prices on regular items are the same as many other locations. I just don’t bother any more. I used to love getting clearance and various deals, but now its more challenging than its worth. I shop at Meijer and Target for pretty much everything now.
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Shirley Christian
Sep 11, 5:55 PM
Everyone was nice. And the Lady who was In the hair care and the paint area was helpful and also the gentleman who held me out at entering with a Scooter too. The lady that was working in customer service could have been a little nicer maybe it's just her personality thank you
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Mike Merrick
Aug 20, 6:57 PM
It's Walmart... What else can you say? This is a big one. Parking lot is an adventure in itself. This one has most all that you need. It isn't the store that gets to you, it's the personality free employees blocking the aisles and, of course...the rude and.."entertaining" customers...
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Turtle Rabbit
Jul 21, 1:52 PM
The employees not helpful and they seemed like they didn't care about the customer. I asked a lady where something was and her response was she didn't work that department and couldn't direct me to someone else that could. She just looked at me with a I don't care attitude and left. The lady at the register however was getting off but she took me anyway and she was very sweet and seemed somewhat happy with her job.
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Jun 21, 5:56 PM
This Walmart is well stocked and clean. I like the way it is organized as well. We encountered three different employees with questions and each one not only helped us but they all three very eager to please. Thank you Walmart for being so great.
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