Walmart Supercenter

Christine Rindler
Oct 11, 8:15 PM
DON'T FALL FOR WALMART FAMILY MOBILE!! I raised to "truly unlimited" with the promise of faster speeds and they CUT MY SERVICE IN 1/2! NOW I'm paying twice as much for LESS and they won't do anything. if I drop to a lesser plan I wont get the services that WERE included before! It is NOT TRULY UNLIMITED!!
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kristie mclucas
Sep 15, 8:47 PM
They are so slow no customer help when scanning own product waited 30 minutes in line then got re scanned going out door when she told some lady who set security off go ahead...i can only do one person at a time I'm white that's why
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Sheri G
Sep 8, 12:35 AM
The low star review is based off my experience at the bakery / deli department. My sister and I wanted to buy a birthday cake for our mother and step father. We were ignored for a while until we asked an employee if someone was working the bakery area. The older gentleman, along with two other female employees never acknowledged us or asked if we needed any assistance. My sister simply asked if we could get some assistance in a nutshell, and they older guy said they were working on other customer orders (though we were the only ones physically there) in a rude tone, as if we were bothering them. We ended up walking out without making a purchase, and went to servatii where they know how to treat their customers....
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Amira’s Magical World
Aug 20, 11:01 PM
Amongst the confused, lost and disoriented parents I stood, also confused, searching for the items on the list that seemed never ending. $600 of supplies for 3 children...I was in shock. That’s just the supplies! I met a friendly lady and decided to show her beautiful hairstyle. Because Walmart’s interior looked like a tornado had come through it! Supplies were here, there and everywhere. Riots have done less damage! My advice, order online as early as possible and select store pickup! Whatever you cannot purchase at Walmart, Dollar Tree probably has it!
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Gale Wilson
Jul 2, 10:56 PM
Walmart was excellent today. Personnel were extremely helpful and aided me in locating items in the store to the point of them getting the items and bringing them to me due to my slow mobility. When I checked out, a store manager secured a worker to help me to my car & place my purchases in the car, especially the 32 packaged bottled water that I could not handle. All workers were courteous from the time I entered the store to exiting with the Worker that assisted me to my car & loaded it. Bravo to today's Walmart experience!
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