Walmart Supercenter

Rosemary McBride
Jun 9, 7:31 PM
Workers are doing a great job the store looks like they are getting things restocked great job
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Ava Jackson
Apr 28, 4:25 PM
They don't answer the phone, or hangup on you. I placed a pick up order they charged me prior to picking up and I never received my merchandise. So in essence they stoled my money from my account. I will never use this store again. Krogers click pick is so much easier and they do no charge you until you pickup.
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Kayla Brooks
Apr 27, 3:34 AM
Pick up is never ready, customer service is bad and some of the employees are rude for no reason, the shelves in the health and hygiene sections are emptyyy! I love Walmart but if I’m going to support their business I might as well just get things shipped. The in store experience at this location is not pleasant or welcoming.
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Stacey Richardson
Mar 30, 10:39 PM
I love Walmart weather it's going there in person shopping or ordering on line then picking up in the store.. I just got a dresser from there an I had fun putting it together, I mean it took me about an hour to put together but l love doing that kind of stuff.. An I also got this slide an balls..
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Greg Reese
Jan 28, 12:34 AM
Great service thank you so much
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