Pilot Travel Center

Marcus Durr
Jul 17, 5:39 PM
if u need to use the scale u need about 30-45mine of free time 5 pumps and u can only pull off of scale if nobody is at the pumps so oversized trucks avoid just use the 1 on I-95 at exit 109 GA-21
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Joseph Gibbs
Jun 30, 12:19 PM
The only reason I stop here because it is conveniently closest to work. The staff is cool! As for the rest of the place, it seriously needs updated and expanded. If you go here for fuel or to get weighed plan on being in line for a good minute.
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Georgie McCarty
Jun 8, 2:56 PM
Filling up with gasoline. Received my Good Sam's discount. Busy and efficient.
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Niko CL
Jun 3, 12:58 PM
I pass by this place all the time and while it's not the easiest to get into because of the layout, the service is still top notch. Great location right off the highway and they have a good selection of snacks, the coffee is nice and hot, and the bathrooms are decently clean.
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Fellow Trucker
Sep 7, 4:06 PM
Horrible pilot!!!! Super small! Everyone hangs out at the pumps and there are only 5 pumps
lot is full