Dan R.
Jul 24, 3:09 PM
This place is a shithole. I showed up at customer a few minutes late so they told me it would be tomorrow b4 I get unloaded. Luckily I dropped my trailer...
kevin crandall
Jul 10, 5:30 AM
This, as well as the other pilot location eight miles from here are absolutely the worst truck stops I have ever been at. If you're not getting harassed by the homeless or propositioned by prostitutes there is one washer for dryers the showers are open and dirty and there is a very low concern for customer over that of entertaining the homeless
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Ray Nickels
Jun 28, 2:01 PM
We were bobtail at the time, no parking available. They even have a sign up stating," no bobtail parking" in the only spot that would not hinder service at the fuel islands. If u want a quick fuel and go, it's ok in a pinch, but no place to park for shower or 30 minute break, except fuel islands. Also not much room to maneuver, if someone parks in a no parking zone. We had to take our business across the street to "Parker's". The food was fresh, the bathroom clean, and they do provide tractor and trailer parking!
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Alex Kennedy
Jun 21, 7:42 PM
Very tight place to get in and out.Frienly personnel as always. Nothing really to talk about.Nothing to see hear move along. Ha ha. Happy trails to everyone.
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Jenna Ronk
May 6, 12:32 PM
I always have good Pilot visits. I am also amazed how they always seem to have everything I need there. They are awesome for quick fill ups for gas and coffee. The stores are always clean and bathroom are always maintained well too. I happen to be pulling a Uhaul currently and parking is always easy as well. Highly recommend.
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Lisa Shannon
Apr 30, 11:37 PM
It's too small, hectic, and a long wait of a line just to get scaled, because the only way out is though the fuel pumps. Honestly I think they should have built another bigger Pilot, at the same place across the street where another truck stop ended up beating them to it, and kept this small one running at the same time. They're a multi-million-dollar name brand truck stop, it would of figured they'd be able to afford it as big as the one across, and there's no space for overnight parking, except for one, and it's only for taking a shower.
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Fellow Trucker
Sep 7, 4:06 PM
Horrible pilot!!!! Super small! Everyone hangs out at the pumps and there are only 5 pumps
lot is full
Nick W.
Jan 1, 6:54 AM
Old outdated small truck stop along I-16 on the edge of Savannah near I-95. Exit system is also outdated making getting in and out of the busy area trying....
Andrew ß.
May 23, 4:24 PM
Small truckstop Road warrior sometimes I just need to take a shower after driving through the night before a big meeting $12 for the shower one shower...