Mar 19, 11:34 AM
some spots
bradley goode
Jul 7, 12:45 PM
Everything is good about this pilot except the parking lot is so small you can't turn your truck around to get a parking spot. Have to be careful when pulling out of your parking spot, because there isn't enough space in front of you to get out of your spot.
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Todd Davis
Jun 27, 7:18 PM
Great food I was really surprised. A real deli a d feesh food never old stuff left out. Always fesh with a happy staff.
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Jeffrey Myers
Jun 15, 12:03 PM
This pilot is one of the worst designed truck stop. They want you to buy fuel and get out. Then you have trouble getting out. The entrance and exit is one. They do no lot control drivers park where they want. Managers sit on there ass don't go outside trucks are parked all over. Extremely difficult moving around. Another prime example of pilots excellent design architecture. NOT I WOULD LEAVE NO STARS BUT I CAN NOT
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Bill Widner
Jun 14, 10:03 PM
Nice travel plaza. Just found out pilot, flying j no longer will fly the American flag not to offend anyone, but it offends me as i served under our flag. That being said i may have to start stopping at other travel plazas.
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May 29, 11:43 AM
Parking lot could have been designed better for parking semi trucks but staff were extremely friendly and professional. Store, bathroom and showers were clean, and YES I left your towels. Lmao. (Not that I ever have taken them, but the sign was funny.)
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Gabby I.
Mar 14, 8:10 PM
While traveling north to Michigan from Indiana, my friends and I stopped to get gas at this location. Upon seeing the Cinnabon sign on the building, we had...
Davis C.
Mar 9, 1:41 PM
This is a really nice gas station! We stopped here on a trip to Grand Rapids to go to the bathroom, but our trip turned into so much more! It had a full...
Fellow Trucker
Nov 20, 6:47 PM
Clean and new
lots of spots
Fellow Trucker
Oct 7, 12:42 AM
lot is full
Fellow Trucker
Mar 29, 3:19 PM
lots of spots
Bethany S.
Jul 22, 7:40 PM
We stopped at the Pilot truck stop in desperate need of a shower when we were several hours away from home and super sweaty after hiking in and out of a...