Ronald Hons
Aug 26, 12:47 AM
Essential facility right place need more
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Lane Janot
Apr 5, 12:39 PM
Of your driving and you have to go this place works.... otherwise I dont think I'd recommend a special trip just to go there
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Doug Schneider
Feb 24, 10:45 PM
This place is just plain nasty. If you dare enter the little box called a bathroom, you could either puke, faint or both from the high methane fumes. So, as a guy, I avoid all that and pee outside behind the outhouse...just like in the old days. Git 'er done quick, hop in the car, and hammer the gas pedal to make a fast getaway. Apart from an absolute emergency, I can't imagine having to do a major job here. I would definitely try to make it to Medicine Hat before suffering through this experience. The up side to this is that there is lots of real estate to wander out in should you need alternative options.
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Daniel Reid
Jun 27, 6:28 AM
Air freshner would be nice.
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Yml Luc
Jul 13, 1:40 AM
Luxurious roadside pull offs in Alberta. Parking and multiple outhouse bathrooms. I grew up in sask, this is luxury.
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