Glenda Ward
Sep 15, 11:27 PM
We travel thru that area frequently and have stopped there on most every trip. It's a great rest area for both us and our 3 little dogs. We usually waste at least 30 minutes there. We stopped there in late June while we were heading toward Norfolk, Virginia. We were going to stop there on the way back from Key West, FL in late August and it was closed! It was such a nice, clean rest area. The view behind it was very nice. Frankly, I don't understand why it needed to be torn down and replaced, I just hope the new one will be as nice to stop at as was the old one.
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Nick Pelletier
May 30, 2:08 AM
I travel a lot by car, and Texas doesn't exactly have the best rest stops in the country except for Buccee's of course which is phenomenal. But this one was very nice. Very low traffic area. Has about four covered picnic tables each with a grill. The place was very clean. Has a nice overlook as well.
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Mrs G
May 7, 3:22 AM
Such pretty views! Did not use the facilities, didn't need to. The dog area could be much bigger, and there are lots of stickers.
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Trudy Enns
Mar 30, 4:24 PM
Great place to stop strech your legs or just rest. they have nice clean bathrooms
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Brian Bechtol
Jul 7, 8:16 PM
One of the cleanest, nicest rest stops I've visited in the state of Texas. Especially considering this one was built in the late 1960's. Great view out back.
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