cinnamon cartwright
Jun 2, 11:26 PM
Beautiful scenery and nice relaxing feel.
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Holly Quigley
Oct 24, 3:36 PM
Nice place for a pit stop and dog walk.
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Loren Hammond
Oct 20, 11:12 PM
Dont stop and use the restroom!! The restroom was dank, uber dirty and it had poop all over the walls. Disgusting!
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Evgeny Zilberov
Aug 26, 5:37 AM
Our traditional and most favorite rest stop en route from/to Canada!
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Leif Wickland
Jul 19, 4:33 AM
Clean, air conditioning, flush toilets, not too busy but not so empty as to be creepily abandoned. Pretty much exactly what you want in a rest stop.
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Jack Reports BOT
May 29, 1:52 AM
WM_TRUCKER saw the police near the site