Corinne Taylor
Feb 22, 3:24 AM
Cute, well taken care of. I like this little rest stop. Nice place rest and even picknick. Area seperate just for the dogs. Very pretty
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Julie B
Dec 10, 9:44 AM
It's the cleanest rest stop I've ever been too.
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Eddie Booker
Nov 17, 8:56 PM
This a nice rest stop, nestled in the mountains. Always clean. Plenty of parking also truck/rv parking. There's and adjacent lot for extra truck/RV parking to.
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Frances Thompson
Aug 27, 3:31 PM
Nice place to stop and stretch and take a break.
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Kelly B
Aug 11, 2:22 AM
very clean rest stop with great views. you can also explore a little to stretch your legs.
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