Walmart Supercenter

Jeff Click
Jun 24, 2:25 AM
We stop here at least once a week. Definitely need more cashiers, but they are slowly conditioning customers by creating long check out lines. This is a strategy they use. You get frustrated waiting in line so you start using the self checkout lanes. That way they can pay one cashier to cover 8 lanes, instead of paying 8 cashiers. They lose a little from theft but make more profit by not paying the overhead of real cashiers. The customer does all the work for free. There should be a 5% discount for using the self checkout.
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Marilyn Sarna
Jun 2, 3:23 AM
Great, I love Walmart and the grocery and pharmacy pickup is wonderful and employees so friendly and accommodating.
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Peggy Thomas
Apr 15, 4:17 PM
Shout out to every worker at this store. During this time I think they are doing great. They are friendly and doing their best. Thanks
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Jennifer Reichley
Feb 9, 12:49 PM
What can I say about Walmart. Love the prices. Easy in easy out. Glad they finally have more registers open. That was a big big disappointment trying to find a check out lane. But they have gotten better at opening more.
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Fellow Trucker
Jun 5, 3:57 PM
some spots
Thomas Novelli
Apr 13, 5:12 AM
One of the better Walmart’s I’ve been to. Store was adequately stocked and generally clean. Service seemed decent.
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