Welcome Center

Apr 20, 4:06 AM
no police
lots of spots
Mark Walter
Feb 18, 2:51 PM
Nice clean restrooms and level parking for overnight stays with 24 hr security.
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James Wigley
Jan 21, 3:35 PM
Good clean place to play with the baby's
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Thomas Nash
Jan 9, 8:40 PM
A very clean and appealing Rest Area
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Fellow Trucker
Oct 31, 7:50 PM
no police
lots of spots
Hector Franco
Aug 8, 1:35 PM
Very nice place to visit for information, if visiting TEXAS, very clean place. With friendly people to help.
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Jul 7, 4:48 AM
no police
Gustavo Jesus
Jun 10, 8:37 PM
A very informative stop: spoke to Gabe, who was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about state parks around the state and about rock climbing destinations including the Huecos site! Extremely friendly and eager to help! A++
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Alice C.
Feb 19, 1:30 PM
Great place to visit they have plenty of hotels and places to eats lots of activities and I was able to meet lots of very nice folks there I will be back
Charley C.
Feb 19, 8:59 PM
Nice stop. Nice people. Very clean restrooms - when I say clean I mean I think this place is cleaner than the plates that come out of the dishwasher! It is...