am hertz
Mar 9, 7:45 PM
Managed by a shrill old woman and employees seem to be too high on meth to clean up the disgusting store. Products that have been on the shelves for weeks still aren't in their computer system when checking out so they just charge you whatever they want. Just go a few blocks up and use the town pump that actually has competent staff.
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K HertzFlash
Mar 9, 11:52 AM
This place is the reason I'll never work for town pump again, if they allow things like this to happen without consequence I would prefer not to be a part of their staff. Not only are the employees rude to eachother and gossip about any and all customers that walk through the door, but the manager is very old and losing her mind. Always forgetting things, always blaming her staff for things that she's misplaced, and needless to say communication is at a loss. The pumps are always failing and breaking. There's almost always a drug addict passed out(or doing drugs) in the truckers lounge and showers. All the equipment is ancient and dirty, and they never follow health and safety guidelines. Everything is choas once they hear about the health inspector coming or any other higher ups, for that matter. If I could set a zero star rating I would. 0/10 town pump, never again.
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D Harr
Jul 14, 9:03 AM
Great place to top off before hitting Hwy 12 west. Can grab a bite to eat at McD's or at the store. Fair prices. Could use some cleaning.
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Fellow Trucker
Jul 6, 2:14 AM
lots of spots
Cory Davey
Dec 17, 2:15 AM
Lots of fuel pumps, many supplies.
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Jackie Colombe
Oct 4, 11:15 PM
Quick service and happy workers made grabbing goodies and gas a very enjoyable stop. Clean too!!
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