Cher Moultrie
May 22, 9:16 PM
Good place to sleep as bathrooms are only open from 7a-7pm due to Covid-19 Pandemic.
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Mick Preston
Jan 30, 7:10 PM
Nice clean rest stop w bathrooms that are usable. Place is kept clean there are plenty of picnic tables, many with BBQs
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Angela Nicholas Stone Hicks
Jan 14, 2:29 AM
Clean well maintained great place to stop & stretch & use the facilities
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Cynthia Hill
Jan 8, 10:18 PM
What a great place to stop after a long day on the road. Wide open spaces allowed out dogs to run off some energy. Vending machine truly added to the stop with decent restrooms area. Lots of parking to accommodate any size vehicle. Very nice place to stop.
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Ban Jo
Dec 9, 1:51 PM
We stopped here at night There were a lot of semis parked but not a lot of cars. What I loved most about this place was that it was well lit and there was even warm water! We were very lucky that there was ample space for our dogs to run around! There are wide open fields and picnic tables and even covered areas for picnics. Everything is a little bit worn down worn out but basically clean except that you'll see what looks like a bunch of blood by the water fountains.... A bit disconcerting. Vending machines were there and also lots of cans for garbage. Nice and clean!
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Fellow Trucker
May 25, 7:56 PM