Walmart Supercenter

Kimberly Young
Jun 20, 7:50 PM
Had a pick up grocery order. Associate was very friendly & fast. My order was picked correctly! Thank you.
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iTz Str8sHoT
May 29, 5:30 PM
Bathrooms could've been a little cleaner. But overall a pretty decent store.
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Luke Wahl
Dec 29, 8:11 PM
Typical Walmart, Great Value brand often manages OK, good for random things like almond milk but shelves often missing items and that corporate stench of ads showing wonderful working conditions and happy employees while really offering hardly adequate pay and lax benefits for the richest family in America. Produce rarely is fresh, not sure why every Walmart good produce when Michigan and Indiana grow plenty of it. And where is the Grade B? Walmart should be leading the way as an apparently in tune business to budget needs: offer the Grade B fruits and veg that are typically left to rot on the fields.
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Barb Richardson
Dec 9, 11:47 PM
I have been using Grocery Pick Up since it started and have no complaints at all. My items are always chosen correctly and my fruit and produce are always fresh and nicely picked. The men and women who bring my items to Me are always extremely friendly and I feel represent Walmart in a very positive way!!
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Rachel C
Jul 28, 11:31 PM
The young woman who works at night is always friendly and doesn't act put out at all like the lady today. They should maybe have more people up front that like to be there..Other employees are pleasant through out store. Over all easy in and out.
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