Walmart Supercenter

Manuel Fonseca
Jun 21, 1:21 PM
Wipes and sanitizer at doors. Quick check out. Polite and helpful employees. Tried pick up today. Great experience. Great job guys
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Reldon Macy
Jun 7, 11:03 PM
The lady at the drug counter was very helpful. Overall I would rate them 3.5.
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Joshua Stanley
Mar 14, 8:16 AM
Yeaaa... Great store go there twice a week. No toilet paper but considering the stuff going on. Understandable.
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Judi Luginbill
Mar 7, 1:30 PM
Went in to get an air fryer. The specific one we were looking for wasn't there, but we found one that we think will be good. It was on the shelf where it was reachable and it was undamaged, so we got it. An easy, glitch free and quick visit this time.
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medic2525 .
Nov 2, 5:55 AM
Nice employees who are willing to help. Store was in great condition and appeared very clean
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