Walmart Supercenter

Nathan Headley
Oct 6, 11:12 PM
Lots of empty shelf space. Not a lot to choose from. Prices aren't exactly competitive either.
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Dawn Lyons
Sep 24, 7:23 PM
Handicapped scooter battery died within 20 mins. Had to flag down an employee to find another. Needed to get a toenail clipper with a handicap designed handle, but there was NONE. I now have to go to CVS They have them! Needed to buy a new plunger and wanted a plunger/cleaning brush duo, but this store doesn't have those. Strange! However, they DID have 5 different brand names of plungers. =\
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Sep 4, 11:42 AM
Only one cash register open more than 5 people in line. Asked manager to open another and was told to just use self checkout. Why not have the customers sweep the floor and stock the shelf while they're here. Then they want to search my bags to see if I've stolen something. I'm not going back
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Mike Shaffner
Sep 4, 3:14 AM
Had to call to get service in sporting goods to buy phase out ammo. People were friendly. But new store policy will have me shopping elsewhere. Bad enough they had no waiting checkout in the beginning now you wait and wait. Or they try to push you off into self checkout with three people watching you. Guess after you squeeze the mom and pop businesses out. You can then do things your way. I pay a little more to keep Kroger's and local people open. So long Walmart.
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Roxanna Shoemaker
Aug 2, 2:18 AM
Today I had the privilege of helping a lady get her kids school clothes she couldn't afford them and was going to put them back and I paid for them it makes my heart feel so good when I can do something like that. So on my way out there weren't enough people there to carry my groceries and I am disabled so 2 of the Ladies that were behind me help me so all is not lost on paying it forward. I am so blessed!
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