Walmart Supercenter

Wendy Day
Jun 11, 2:49 PM
You know if ppl can not drive down the right way in the parking lot They Definitely Can Not Got Down The Isles Marked One Way! I Guess they will have to put them in like 10 different languages.
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Aiyshwariya PK
Jun 9, 6:12 PM
They mostly have everything you expect to need, if that makes sense. I do wish they have their stock availability up to date on their app.
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Lawrence Britto
Jun 6, 11:27 PM
When I went there it was extremely busy!!! I mean people everywhere and as expected the stock of meat was low but mostly all the other item was stocked up. Some of the employees were just as rude as they could be but a lot employees were actually helpful and kind. All that said not a bad experience compared to the look walking in.
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Mary Hickman
May 29, 3:23 PM
The lady working behind the counter in the pharmacy was very nice and the checkout line was awesome and everybody did good they stayed there distances. I love this walmart more then any other in irving.
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Diana Dee
Mar 12, 7:06 PM
This store needs improvement in meat department. Badly stocked or organized. Floors need to be cleaned. And beauty department needs so much work. Don't know if management has walked the aisles during the busiest shopping times but they really should. Looks like everyone gave up caring.
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