Walmart Supercenter

Mario Gutierrez
Oct 5, 11:20 PM
Wait for 15 minutes to do oil change on automotive. Then one employee ask me to go inside and after make a line they told me "sorry we cannot do it because the person already left". Waste 35 minutes. Actually I prefer they don't do my oil change since the most probably is they will mess my truck. They don't even deserve one star.
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Ulices Garduno
Oct 4, 9:15 PM
Always super busy and that's good for the business. We try to do our purchases in this location because I believe in local economy but the service is extremely poor, there is never enough personal at the registers. So I'm questioning how much does Walmart ( this location) really value their costumers?
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juan morales
Sep 29, 1:13 PM
HORRIBLE....1½+hr wait. The assistance in the sporting section is an absolute disgrace. I waited 10 minutes for and associate to even come close to that area, after getting tired of waiting I decided to go find an associate myself. His response " If you wait by the sporting good sections I'll send someone over that way". I went back and waited another 20 one showed up. I go find another associate in the electronics section tell him the situation he said he would go find someone .....he never came back. 50 minutes have already passed by. At this point I'm very frustrated. I go to the customer service center and ask for a manager and they can't seem to find one. After yet another 20 minutes of waiting. I finally just ask them if they can make a storewide announcement to get someone back there. YET AGAIN, no one showed up. After sitting in the sporting section for about half an hour at this point. An employee that was passing by informed me the sporting section had closed half an hour ago. And asked me to come back in the morning "the sporting good area opens up around 6 or 7 am." Well here I am at 8AM in the morning..... And one of the managers tells it me it won't be open till 10. If anyone from corporate or from HR is reading this I hope you understand my frustration. This is not the 1st time this has happened but this is by far the worst experience I've had here. Employee communication needs improvement, there's a lot of misinformation going around and nobody is clear about what's going on and no service is being provided to your customers.
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peter guzman
Sep 8, 7:23 PM
This Walmart is clean and organized. I went on one of the busiest days (Sunday afternoon before the Cowboys played) and I got through quickly and efficiently. The self checkout was attended properly and all they had plenty of cashiers working. I recently moved to the area and this will be my go to Walmart from now on.
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America Foster
Aug 7, 11:44 PM
I tried to get spray paint two days in a row and NO ONE was able to help. The second day after waiting for over 30 min I had one employee go far out of her way to help. KAREN at the Irving Wallmart was exceptional. I asked multiple employees before to help me and all of them were no help. Thank god for Karen.
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