Kirsten Stirling
Mar 24, 12:00 AM
This rest area washroom is disgusting. The toilets have no seats. There is no soap. It smells bad. It’s dirty. Came here because the kids needed to go and I will never ever be back. The kids cannot use these bathrooms without sitting on a peed on dirty rim. 2 of 3 stalls were out of order. I don’t want to know why. Go outside in the trees if you really can’t wait.
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Daniel Inwood
Mar 19, 2:29 AM
Nice surprise. Some vending machines would help.
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Leroy Eigler
Nov 30, 2:09 PM
A great place to stretch the legs and works great for the kids to get out and run when on a long trip
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Gagan Sidhu
Sep 22, 8:53 PM
Clean washrooms . Quite no Hwy noise. Only thing missing is a fresh coffee stand
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Jason Dyck
Jul 26, 12:07 AM
Not all rest stops are created equal. This one is great! Though, the toilets are metal, steel yourself.
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