Pilot Travel Center

Ryan Hart
Jul 22, 5:58 PM
Shower was picture perfect, the fan was even clean. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Happy I stopped, this store should be used to train the others in Michigan!
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Peggy Parks
Jul 16, 7:32 PM
I love pilot stores.Love their coffee and I love looking at their souvenirs. I have never had bad experience at pilot. Keep up the good work
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Jul 14, 2:48 PM
So much better than I expected! Well maintained bathrooms, fresh coffee * thank you, thank you, so very much* a vast array of snacks, odds, and ends — friendly, efficient customer service as well as Arby's right next door. I travel often visiting many rest areas, Gas Station/Travel Centers- this one, in my opinion, is an excellent choice for all your one-stop needs.
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Vida Horsfield
Jul 10, 3:42 PM
Fresh coffee and good selection of snacks. Friendly staff. Convenient for travelers, you don't have to drive a mile to find it.
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Scott Yarrison
May 30, 12:24 PM
Thus place is a nice newly renovated... The people working there seems like they want to be there..... The place was clean. The only down side is the truck parking lot is small maybe 30-40 trucks (I didn't count them)......
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Fellow Trucker
Feb 24, 3:10 AM
some spots
Aug 17, 12:44 AM
lot is full