Welcome Center

Jack Reports BOT
Jul 15, 9:11 PM
Truckwork saw the police near the site
Jack Reports BOT
Jul 13, 8:22 PM
Redtruckcard saw the police near the site
Jack Reports BOT
Jul 13, 8:20 PM
truckdriver352 saw the police near the site
Fellow Trucker
Feb 19, 6:31 AM
Kevin C.
Dec 27, 4:29 PM
A very nice welcome center that has clean bathrooms, vending machines, lots of parking, areas to walk around and get the wiggles out or stretch your legs....
Go Ohio State
Jul 19, 2:33 PM
Great Welcome Center. Friendly and helpful staff. This place is full of information about wineries, attractions, hotel/campground info and maps. The staff is great at helping with directions and helping you avoid traffic.
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Dennis Irvin
Jul 5, 8:07 PM
Helpful people. Nicely arranged.
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Daniel Santos
Jul 3, 9:13 PM
Nice and clean place, good to rest with your family and straight legs after many hours traveling.
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Evelyn Trapp-Litzenberg
Jun 17, 5:06 AM
Clean bathrooms. Well lit at night
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Bianka M.
Jun 10, 7:41 PM
We be RoadTrippin (SOMETIMES, we prefer taking flights), most times we don't get enough rest beforehand so we have to find nicely lit areas to stop and...
Zachary Gallardo
Apr 18, 10:31 PM
One of the most beautiful rest areas that I've ever stopped at just gorgeous. It is open from 8 to 5 with it is open from 8 to 5 with free maps great customer service they keep everything very cleaned, very big bathrooms and there's a room of vending machines for snacks coffees and drinks. And it would be a great place to take your pet on a walk.
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Jim H.
Jan 29, 5:52 PM
Nice, clean Welcome Center. Sadly, when they say they cose at 5:00 PM - they mean they close at 5:00 PM. We arrived here just before 5:00 (I think we...
Fellow Trucker
Jan 6, 12:21 AM
Dot is working.
Fellow Trucker
Dec 20, 11:34 AM
no police
some spots