Amy S
Jun 6, 4:10 PM
Very clean, lots of space for cars. There is a dog run, picnic tables, and vending machines. One of the busiest rest areas I have ever been to. People constantly coming and going, which makes social distanting difficult, but the bathrooms are decent sized.
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Miss Priss
Jun 5, 7:03 PM
It was clean.had lots a vending machines...we got coffee and the machine was easy to work
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Mr Bowen
Mar 6, 2:59 PM
Clean. Kid friendly with picnic tables.
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James Patterson
Nov 13, 2:40 PM
I did construction for 32 years traveled all over went to many different states always use the rest areas to rest and split up my drive to a different state or to a different city besides I just looking at the different buildings and most of the time rest areas have a memorial for veterans war heroes or they tell you a little history about the state they're in and it always makes me feel good knowing that your tax papers money goes for something good like this then you can actually see what's a spend your tax money on some people drive right on in and drive right on out maybe I like to spend at least 20 to 30 minutes just looking around thanks to everyone to house a part of maintaining it upkeeping cleaning it maintaining a landscaping and no City or the state for funding the money thanks for doing such a great job
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TheFabulous Cat
Aug 14, 2:35 AM
There is a map, a clean bathroom and benches. Plenty to read while you are waiting, good place to stretch legs.
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Fellow Trucker
Aug 2, 3:22 AM
many spots