Thomas Allen
Jul 14, 3:51 PM
Cigarette prices are different daily, coffee is never kept up with, manager and assistant are rude and it looks like some of their employees can’t wash up good.
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Serena Uible
Jun 4, 11:14 AM
Warning: Don't buy the hotdog. Actually, nice Love's. Friendly staff. Clean, nice restrooms. HOWEVER, was on the run and dropped by for fast, healthy and tasty meal. Okay. Hotdog. Forget healthy. The hotdog was barely warm, definitely not hot. Health department? And it was tough to bite into. Really. Ummm ... How long had it been sitting there to be both not hot and tough? I may finally break my occasional habit of doing by for my hotdog addiction when I travel. Not worth it. Thanks. Sigh.
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Josh Hallmark
Apr 13, 2:13 PM
Subway sucks. Watch them closely. It seems to be that they just don't care. The bread was squished almost flat. They mixed up the seasoning so the 'italian herb and cheese' bread was actually 'tomato basil and cheese.' I understand strict portions of meat and cheese but veggies? The last two inches on either end of the sandwich were bread only. To top it all off four cashiers stood talking while I waited at the register...less than two feet from them. After a minute another lady came over and rang it up. All around it is a bad representation of subway.
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Kelly Lopez
Feb 3, 7:20 AM
Great place for whatever you might need. Clean place with smiling faces that greet you as you walk through the door.
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Fellow Trucker
Jul 23, 12:22 AM
lots of spots
Aaron Myers
Mar 10, 6:57 PM
This is a reasonably good Love's Travel Stop, but sometimes they hire people who hurt their business for one reason or another. Overall, most employees there are wonderful people who obviously appreciate their job and enjoy being there. Now and then they have someone there who doesn't last but a few months. If you get someone incompatible with you, don't be afraid to ask another employee to please help you. That's better than dealing with the occasional jerk. It's up to you how pleasant your experience is at this Love's. It is easy to have a good experience though, as most employees there are really good. Restrooms are generally clean and tidy. They have a good selection of snacks and drinks. They have some automotive parts and accessories available, just ask if there is something you need. They do have seating and a television in case you need to be distracted while downing a cup of coffee or something. I go there over other gas stations because the selection is good and their gasoline is always consistently good.
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Fellow Trucker
Dec 13, 6:07 PM
lots of spots