Adrian G.
May 16, 12:49 PM
I love this place! My mom who is a huge fruit fan is always provided with the freshest fruits available. As such, I prefer to drive out of Woodland to...
Deshika B.
Apr 14, 8:25 AM
The bathroom has been "updated" since previous reviews, but it has a weird seat that doesn't quite fit, and there is no mirror nor handle on the door....
Greg D.
Mar 28, 10:19 AM
Not a farmer's market but about as close as you can get and it's open more often. Here are some of the best reasons you would want to stop here: 1)...
Greg D.
Feb 28, 10:33 AM
Well sure enough there is a Subway on Pedrick Road. I saw this Yelp listing and thought it must be a mistake as there's nothing on Pedrick Road by I-80...
Moses H.
Feb 22, 3:08 PM
One of the two best fruit/veg stands in the area. Would be 5 star, but: a) of 5 artichokes purchased, all were rotten through the stem, with almost no...
Donna W.
Dec 26, 3:54 PM
The whole place is filthy. The ladies room was the dirtiest smelliest gas station restroom I have ever been in. The cashier was rude
Harry Kendall
May 9, 10:31 PM
this is the nightmare gas station. they refuse to give the air and water as required by law and they are rude. avoid at all costs. ...
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Jr Alvarado
Mar 31, 12:21 AM
I Always get the best service there. My favorite spot to pick up food and refreshments, the team super friendly
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Fellow Trucker
Oct 16, 8:57 PM
lot is full
RMD 1986
Sep 16, 6:16 PM
nice truck stop good for travelers subway inside parking lot easy in and out
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Fellow Trucker
Aug 23, 6:59 PM
lots of spots
David B.
Aug 2, 10:19 AM
On my way home, stopped to get milk. $4.99/gal. A-OK but not much else. Fuel does seem to cost a bit more out here in...Dixon? The city limit line...
Megan windell
Jun 19, 8:36 PM
The parking lot was trashed. I had already had a bad feeling walking into the place and then the female clerk barely acknowledged me and then stared at me when I waited for my receipt. I gave up and walked out. If all this wasn't bad enough my drink I purchased was barely cold enough to drink.
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Roger M.
Nov 17, 7:33 AM
When getting gas grabbed lunch. The sandwich maker was nice and clean looking. All the food looked fresh. Sandwich was made to order and the sandwich maker...
Dave B
Jul 10, 9:58 PM
Largest selection of products I've ever seen at a gas station this size. If it wasn't for the small number of restrooms, this would otherwise get 5 stars. Lots of effort keeping a very wide selection of products. Subway is more than edible, with no major complaint.
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