Ron Jones
Feb 17, 1:38 AM
$35.00 for 1 gal of oil and very over priced for everything..don't answer phones..very rude..very dirty environment..bad customer service..
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Doublesah SUNPOWAH
Nov 7, 7:17 PM
Good fuel stop with pumps for big trucks.
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Paula McCoy
Nov 3, 12:51 AM
Friendly staff. Nice location. Usually busy but have not have to wait in lines to long. I enjoy there pizza and some of their other items on the hot bar.
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Diane S
Aug 31, 5:06 AM
It's supposed to be a 24-hour store but I've been calling it for the last 20 minutes and getting hung up on every time I call. NOW the line is just staying busy. I simply need to know if I can get fuel there or not but they won't pick up to answer my question. Bad customer service I guess I'll go somewhere else
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Robert Dawson
Jul 3, 8:29 PM
Very convenient going either direction due to location on the corner with a traffic light. Fountain drinks are very cheap. The staff are always friendly. Recommended..
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