Walmart Supercenter

Bob Clowers
Jun 15, 6:33 PM
Very friendly and helpful people throughout the store. Very nice shopping experience.
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Cheri StClair
Jun 7, 8:46 PM
They locked the main doors on the end nearest the garden center while we were shopping without warning. Since we had parked on that far end we had to walk from the other exit doors down to the other end of the parking lot with two small children. I was mostly frustrated because this is incredibly dangerous. If there was a fire in the building they have essentially blocked off the closest exit. It even states on the door that due to fire risk it is unlawful for those doors to be locked during business hours. Not cool!
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Christina Payne
Mar 15, 1:15 AM
Cant get what you need to maintain your household. Out of almost everything,because of all the PANICKED PEOPLE
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Sandra Washington
Jan 14, 10:05 PM
Always a great experience. Things are always neatly stocked. The associates are always friendly. The store is always clean. You find what you came for, and their features always tempting. Thank you for being my neighborhood superstore.
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Kent Bragg
Dec 9, 12:38 AM
Nice store and great location! The parking lot does need cleaned near the front of the store. The store is organized and associates are helpful. Great selection for christmas presents.
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