Walmart Supercenter

Kelly Kunz
Oct 10, 12:06 AM
Never had a bad experience! Great selection and plenty of checkout options.
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Chuck Morris
Sep 29, 3:05 AM
Waited at gun counter for a hour, the managers just can’t keep employees. So there for understaffed and the two big managers don’t care thats why you won’t see them helping but the walk out of the back laughing and the other managers say we got some one scheduled in two hours. I thought someone else got the ten calls auto center asked for sporting goods counter help!!!! This is not the first time trying getting paint that’s even worse.
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Rick Mason
Sep 9, 10:22 PM
It's Walmart so my expectations aren't very high. Time at checkout only 10 minutes and 3 of them open. Better than usual. Am I being sarcastic of Walmart? Honestly so.
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Kathy Siefker
Aug 7, 12:36 AM
The greeter at Walmart discriminated against me with my emotional support animal it is federal law and it is discrimination when she discriminate against Ginger my emotional support dog she discriminate against me. They need to train their employees a little bit better about discrimination laws when it comes to emotional support animals just because she’s not a service dog and if she’s a puppy doesn’t matter because she falls under emotional support dog.
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Carla Miller
Aug 6, 2:21 PM
I had a return and Customer Service was excellent...I then made a purchase of a TV. An employee, Tim, escorted me to my car and loaded it for me. I very much appreciate this. Thank you
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