Flying J Cardlock

Bonnie Veltkamp
Jan 31, 1:54 AM
Mobile app wouldn't work! Pump wouldn't take the code!
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Doug Unruh
Nov 27, 1:53 AM
Great for fueling
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Gary Neyedly
Nov 23, 11:38 PM
Flying J is a great place to be great for your feeling needs and also for parking overnight parking and also for weekend parking of your trucks and trailers. I would also recommend Flying J would open up a complete service station & Convenience restaurant and hotel and Hotel !!! we really need it a news truck stop for for us truck drivers that are traveling on the road three services right across North America at one of the best in the world and I know they can do their job well they service the people well and all the customers that do come in have great compliments about their services I know I've stayed at many Flying J's over the last 30 years and I really enjoy staying at the Flying J's!!???
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Fellow Trucker
Oct 26, 5:01 AM
Justin Plosz
Oct 11, 11:43 AM
The place was clean and easy to find I guess there's not much else you can ask in the Flying J. Pretty conveniently located and will probably be back again. Keep up the good work nice job.
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Benny Itzhakov
Feb 21, 4:04 PM
Only diesel... no.other services on the site
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