Kirill Miroshkhin
Jun 20, 5:28 AM
Good short trail behind the visitor's center. Great place for a short walk with a pet.
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Farooq Virk
Mar 16, 4:20 AM
Very nice rest area. Clean washrooms. Lot of parking space for trucks and cars.
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Michal Brannan
Mar 8, 1:05 PM
Cool place to shop and pick up needed maps to visit
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L Calendar
Jul 30, 5:10 PM
Nice rest stop! Bathrooms are simple but clean. Plenty of outdoor picnic tables and β€œUtah” sign for photos. Interesting signs along the path to the center point out wildlife etc. Easy off-easy on freeway access
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Lindsay Shaver
May 23, 3:02 PM
Absolutely gorgeous and walkable views in the immediate vicinity. Ample parking for cars and motor homes alike. The staff was above and beyond friendly and hospitable, even providing hot chocolate and snacks. They seemed to truly love what they did and they were the best part of stopping here. Immaculately clean and well maintained grounds inside and out. A welcome center may seem like a random place to review, but this one was so good, I would be remiss as a visitor not to!
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Sep 14, 11:16 AM
few spots
Fellow Trucker
Jun 15, 1:04 AM