Fellow Trucker
Dec 6, 7:16 PM
lots of spots
Fellow Trucker
Nov 3, 6:05 AM
some spots
Joyce Keith
Jul 18, 12:48 AM
They always have the family size Tims dill pickle chips mmm good can't get in Plentywood
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Yaeeun Lee
Jul 10, 8:02 PM
Expansive store with every thing you can imagine from frozen and hot food items to a big wine and beer selection. There were enough restrooms for its size where a line would be high unlikely. Great pit stop for anyone enroute to Missoula or Glacier National Park.
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Kelly Broadus
Jul 1, 3:40 PM
This is one of the newer stops that where built after they started having PFJ fuel and points. It has nice big showers, and clean restrooms (most of the time) None of the same food and coffee offerings that are found in PFJ across the rest of the country. But tons of choices that are at most of the other Town Pumps. The staff at this one is mostly friendly, but a few grumps work here. The job culture at T.P.s seems different and it shows in the employees additudes
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Kevin Alves
Jun 11, 5:47 AM
Great truck stop. Plenty of parking. Huge store with an unbelievable selection of food items. Everything you could possibly want. Everything was clean and well stocked. Staff was super friendly and helpful. Will definitely return here when passing through the area.
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Sakamoto Asuka
Jun 8, 6:42 PM
I usually go to the gas station across the street, but I thought why not look at this place. It has a lot more food opportunities, at decent prices for a gas station. New, and has a mcdonalds if you like that
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Fellow Trucker
Jul 20, 10:13 PM
Clean to takes shower ?
lots of spots
Robert J.
Apr 7, 12:55 PM
There's not much more you can ask for from a gas station. They have gas and food and all the things a gas station should have.
Lori R.
Aug 26, 8:30 PM
Easy access for large RV's and seemed to have good prices for the area. Went inside to get a drink and some snacks for the road. Staff was not too...
Kevin B.
May 26, 5:08 PM
Rude people work here.Work the day shift. Bought 2 cokes.Got in line.Waited 5 minutes,then asked how ,I was paying,and had me move to another regester to...