Country Store

C0l0rs0f th3wind
May 29, 1:29 PM
Staff here are wonderful !
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Greta Gaston
Dec 31, 4:00 AM
Clean store and the employees are always friendly. There are two registers and the staff handles the Godfather's Pizza baking & sales, the Subway sandwiches...making them & checking you out, plus the sales in the store and the gasoline. So sometimes there is a wait and the lines can be long. Still, I go here for sandwiches, pizza and coffee pretty often.
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Kenneth Furnace
Dec 29, 1:15 PM
Loves is a great store to have near you. Thank you
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Penny Schaefer
Dec 18, 11:49 PM
The store is clean and organized. It is a great little place for a quick stop for snacks, drinks, or gasoline. There is also a very popular Subway station by located inside the Love's Travel Shop. The locals stop by here all the time. Great place for a quick and healthy bite.
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Robin Resley
Jul 8, 2:31 AM
Friendly and courteous girl from Detroit, MI who just moved there made the best Subway sandwich I've ever had. I'm not normally a fan of Subway, but this was high above average. Very clean bathrooms. It is clear the employees care about their job at this location, plus they were happy and having fun while they were doing a good job.
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