May 8, 3:36 AM
some spots
Fellow Trucker
Mar 11, 5:25 AM
lots of spots
Alyssa A.
Sep 10, 10:00 AM
Traveling from Baltimore to Phoenix -- one of the nicer bathrooms we stopped in. Didn't buy anything but the cashier was friendly when we walked in.
Miriam Diamant
Jun 30, 10:03 PM
Great location, they have lots of coffee, snacks, and souvenirs to choose from!
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Dakota Feely
Jun 9, 10:18 PM
Showers were pristine. Customer service excellent. Restrooms in exceptional condition. Open as of 6/8/18. 5 showers.
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Larry Ross
Jun 9, 6:13 PM
It's open they still haven't taken the closed construction sign down yet, not as of this date( 6-9-18)The truck lot does look bigger.
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Simon Templar
Jun 9, 2:30 PM
The new Love's look. Reopened 6-8-18 Friday
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Bert Wagner
Aug 4, 2:32 AM
I have never had a bad experience here that could be attributed to the employees. The only thing bad I have ever experienced at this location is a lack of parking availability and the uncaring truck drivers that block the fuel pumps for extended periods of time. I make it a point to stop in every time I go by because I have always been treated well by the employees and is usually the cleanest around.
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Teresa L.
Jul 6, 5:04 PM
Subway inside this Love's travel stop. First time ever to get a subway sandwich with stale bread. VERY stale. They were crazy busy so I'm not sure how this...
Fellow Trucker
Apr 10, 3:40 AM
lot is full
PL trucker
Mar 15, 4:52 AM
some spots
Mike W.
Feb 10, 1:09 PM
The worst truckstop I ever been. No entrance from parking site, rude service on subway the girl make the sandwich with anger. She put on it everything...