A.F. James MacArthur
Jul 14, 10:14 PM
Watch out for rattlesnakes. Seriously. This rest stop it notable because for me it was one of the few areas in the whole region with full strength cell signal and good data connection. Besides that the place is clean and well maintained. Very peaceful and quiet. A great place to stop, stretch out and take a break. Multiple covered picnic areas provide a shady spot where the breeze feels cool in the summer.
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Barry Bennett
Jul 14, 7:01 PM
Clean, well maintained, free literature, and restrooms where you need them!
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Shannon Seely
Jan 22, 3:44 AM
This is always one of the cleanest rest areas that I stop at. There is full cell phone coverage here too!
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Paul VanDreew
Dec 16, 7:21 AM
Very clean, warm located in the best spot alng the long journey between Thermopolis and Cody.
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Tomas Dawson
Oct 6, 12:34 PM
This is a clean and well cared for rest area. There is also an area to accommodate pets.
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